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CRF Certificate is the one-stop service for evaluating and securing the cybersecurity aspects of your blockchain-based projects.

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Detailed consideration
of all points of Whitepaper.
Analysis of open-source
of a code.
Drawing up mathematical
model of the project
Summation of all indicators and exposure of the corresponding rating.

We conduct a full analysis of all risks of investing

May 2017

Creating a clear concept of criteria for assessing the risk of investing in ICO. Recruitment of the first team members.

July 2017

Find the first projects for audit and analysis. Assistance in carrying out ICO.                     

October 2017

Creating your own risk assessment system. Using a mathematical apparatus and constructing a mathematical model.

December 2017

Search partners, exchange of experience.

February 2018

Launching of a simplified smart-contract and release of tokens on the ERC20 platform, which will show the ICO rating.

March 2018

Seeking funding and expanding staff.

May 2018

Launch of evaluation tokens on other platforms (NEO, Waves, EOS and others).

October 2018

Running your own blockchain.



Before you write to us on the mail, please read this document, where we answer in great detail all the frequently asked questions.

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Check of validity of the certificate quantity of tokens

At the moment we make transfers only in air blockchain on the ERC20 platform, in the nearest future we will also begin to act on other platforms, such as EOS, Waves, Cardano, IOTA. After we send tokens and make the certificate where we specify the individual number ICO of the project, number of a transaction about a blockchain electronic and digital signature of this certificate.

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Smart Contract (CRF)

In our Smart Contract, we have included all the key points that confirm and display the certificate you received.

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We conduct a full analysis of all risks of investing


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